Information Security Risk Assessment

Aligning security risk with business objectives.

The knowledge gained through an Information Security Risk Assessment helps guide an organization in making rational decisions to improve security posture and align risk with acceptable tolerance levels.

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How does a Information Security Risk Assessment work?

1. Preparation

We get to know you, your business, and your security needs. We identify the purpose of the risk assessment in terms of the information that the assessment is intended to produce and the decisions it is intended to support.

2. Investigation

We perform our assessment of your organisation, to find information relating to the objectives you established in the preparation phase. We identify threat sources, likelihoods, impact, and risk.

3. Communication

We communicate the results of our assessment, including risks and likelihoods. We ensure the information is in a format that decision makers can use to inform them on key business decisions.

4. Maintenance

We make sure that the results of your assessment remain relevant and up-to-date by performing additional assessments as-necessary.

What's the goal of your assessment?

We tailor your assessment to aiding in key business decisions that you’re making with our data.

You can choose any combination of these objectives, or separate objectives entirely, and our team will tailor our report to inform on them.

Identify asset vulnerabilities

Gather threat and vulnerability information

Identify internal and external threats

Identify potential business impacts and likelihoods

Determine risk

Identify and prioritize risk responses

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