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The digital evolution of the retail industry has changed the way businesses handle commerce. Not only are retailers responsible for credit and debit card information; they are also entrusted with mounds of consumer demographic and psychographic data, making retailers a prime target for hackers and unwieldy cyber criminals.

Retail is among the most affected industries when it comes to Point-of-Sale (POS) intrusions. From small boutiques to mega-retailers, attacks against POS systems continues to cause headaches for store operators. There may be distinct differences between attack styles imposed on large and small organizations, but nonetheless, a breach is equally painful regardless of organization size.

In order to ensure that clients feel comfortable shopping with you and trust that their financial and personal information will remain safe, you must take steps in properly securing that information. To combat cyberattack threats, Danso offers a number of information security services which improve the chances of preventing a successful attack while preparing to react in the event of unwanted cyber activity.

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