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Information Security for the Healthcare Industry

Protecting your Patients' Privacy

Danso provides healthcare and life sciences organizations with the resources they need to ensure compliance with state and federal security and privacy regulations. Achieving HIPAA and HITECH Compliance is important, but these requirements are mere baselines for securing Protected Health Information (PHI). Danso helps covered entities, and their business associates, excel beyond compliance to strengthen the security posture of the entire organization and its employees.

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Information Security Solutions for Healthcare

Information technology is a core component in delivering quality healthcare. Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and telemedicine help enhance patient care, improve public health, streamline billing, and lower healthcare costs. Incidentally, as with all advancements in technology, information security risk is quick to follow. Attackers are keen on leveraging vulnerabilities in new technologies to exploit protected health information (PHI).

The benefits of these technologies can certainly outweigh the potential risks, but hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and physicians, pharmaceutical manufactures, and medical device makers must be prepared to assess and mitigate security risks to protect PHI.

If your healthcare organization struggles with any of the following information security risks, Danso can help.

Compliance with Healthcare Requirements

Are you prepared for a CMS Audit? Are you concerned with HHS's Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and its enforcement of HIPAA Privacy Rule? If you're not sure, you can certainly use our help.

Documenting Breach Notification Policy

State Attorney Generals have the authority to obtain damages on behalf of state residents or to enjoin further violations of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. Do you know the data breach reporting laws for the states in which your patients reside?

Securing Medical Devices

Do you have control of all devices on your network? Do you know which devices are connected, and how they are being secured? Hackers use medical and other IoT devices as conduits to access healthcare data.

Properly Staffing Security Team

Is your organization staffed to handle all of its security needs? Do you have the necessary resources to secure PHI and sensitive data?

Continuous Employee Training

How often do you provide security training to employees? Is the training persistent and relevant? With Danso, we offer a holistic training program which ensures all employees follow best security practises.

Up To Date Policies & Procedures

How often are security policies and procedures reviewed and updated? Is your organization prepared for an audit? We make sure that your policies both follow legislation, and keep your patient data safe.

Be Prepared to Handle Security Challenges

Our consultants have been helping organizations secure PHI and meet HIPAA security and privacy rule provisions since its inception. We have experience with both large and small providers, and have worked with CMS officials on numerous projects to help organizations provide quality healthcare while keeping protected health information safe and secure.

Services For Healthcare Organisations Like Yours

  • Virtual CISO – Security Leadership, Guidance, and Implementation
  • HIPAA Risk Assessments and IT Audits
  • Network and EHR Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning
  • Medical Device Penetration Testing
  • Information Security Policy Development and Review
  • Meaningful Use Security Assessment and Review
  • Social Engineering Testing (phishing emails and unauthorized facility access attempts)
  • Breach Investigation and Incident Response
  • Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

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